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Memor x RSC Vase


Collection IV by Memor and Rachel Saunders. Featuring the vintage porcelain findings of NYC photographer Yael Eban.

Using recycled ceramic shards from the RSC Collection as the foundation of this collaboration, the vases also feature an array of organic and found materials. The process aims to highlight and reimagine the many fragmented and often discarded details of our daily lives, breathing new life into old forms. 

For this special batch of handmade vases, along with pieces of my own ceramic works, these unique vessels feature fragments of vintage porcelain collected by photographer Yael Eban from Brooklyn’s infamous “Bottle Beach”.

A few years ago I did a residency at MASS MoCA, where I worked on a project using pieces of ceramics and porcelain that I found at Dead Horse Bay, a strange and wonderful place in south Brooklyn. Nicknamed ‘Bottle Beach’, this part of Brooklyn was used as a dump until 1953 until the landfill was capped. Decades of erosion have since uncovered the artifacts that can be found onshore, all from 1953 or earlier. It's such an interesting place, full of layers of history.”

With certain ceramic fragments nearing 100 years old, these stunning vases both encapsulate history and serve as a symbol of rebirth.

 Included in the vase: Rachel Saunders ceramic shards, vintage lucite belt buckles, waterstone hand crafted marble fragments, vintage buttons, green onyx, shells, vintage porcelain. 

Measures approximately 4.5" x 7" 

Each vase is unique and may not be the one shown. 

Care:  To clean, use warm soapy water for interior and gently spot clean on exterior.

*To minimize our carbon footprint, all vases are shipped directly from Cincinnati, OH. Local duties and taxes may apply.