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Bath & Beauty: The Fine Art of Pampering Oneself


"This glorious book showcases the bath as the epitome of calm and privacy. Speaking to a woman's desire for a bit of luxury and quiet time, Victoria Bath & Beauty offers hints and tips for creating an atmosphere with the feel of a home spa.

Victoria's editors haven't forgotten anything, from plush towels to rose petals floating in the water to lavish sponges. Everything needed to create a tranquil mood is here as well: potpourri, candles, bath pillows, scented soaps. There are even "recipes" for lotions to be smoothed on after the bath so that a pampered feeling continues long after the moment of respite is only a memory.

Lush photographs of the bath and its indulgences make this a beautiful book as well as a useful one. Victoria Bath & Beauty considers the beauty of the setting -- fine carpets, pedestal sinks, and brass lighting fixtures -- as well as the amenities that create quiet and pleasure. And a source list provides real help in finding these indulgences. Victoria speaks with authority to the romantic and feminine side of life -- and what better way to express this than through the ritual and beauty of the bath!"