A new One-of-a-Kind Vase Collection is here ✺

This collection of one-of-a-kind vases are all wheel thrown by Rachel, and created in celebration of the inimitable and special figures in our lives who serve as mothers and mentors. Anyone who gives space to nurture, love, and grow, any being who gives abundant care, now more than ever deserves recognition and gratitude. Whether near or far, through time spent, joy shared, or a handmade vase with fresh flowers, a moment of reflection for those who give us life in an abundance of ways. 

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Meet the Phone Home: a handcrafted tool designed to inspire and encourage healthy tech boundaries, mindful screen time, and a restorative sleep routine. Regain rhythms and take agency over your time by putting your phone away in the evenings, or any time during the day when you need time to disconnect.

Small batch ceramics & intentional objects to aid in the joy of living. Pieces to both inspire and further our connection with self, our environment, and with each other.

"Shape clay into a vessel;
 it is the space within that makes it useful.” Lao Tzu