Consultation and Mentorship

 With over 7 years of experience in running a profitable company, and over 10 years studying in the self-development world, I distill the most potent practices I’ve cultivated to successfully guide my clients’ towards their greatest visions and most expansive potential. 

I have a gift for seeing the important aspects and blind spots in others that can be easily missed; but are ultimately where true magic and transformation lie. I help my clients identify and transcend through blocks and limitations, and provide insight and resources to reach their own unique definitions of success, be it financial milestones or new levels of personal enrichment.

My life has been about experimentation and evolution, with the goal of conscious growth and authentic expression as my top priorities. Using a combination of intuition, personal experience, and tools gained through my education of self-development practices, I feel passionate about offering my experience to guide others towards a path of true flow and fulfillment.